Nous+ is the brainchild of Nous Studio, our architecture and design studio based in Bangalore. With the platform Nous+, we aim at exploring the realm of Indian crafts through a contemporary lens.

The series of leather lamps are designed by Nous Studio in collaboration with leather puppetry artists from Nimmalakuntha, Andhra Pradesh. They  are the  outcome of more than five years of work on various design led projects with the artisans.

Traditionally, puppeteers were story tellers and an important form of entertainment before the silver screens and televisions replaced them. Deprived of their traditional audience,  puppeteers have moved onto making lamps since a while. Nous Studio saw a design opportunity in giving them a contemporary edge.

The lamps are seen as fragments of various stories much like an experience of a puppetry performance, a glimpse of characters, colors and compositions.

Starting from shadow puppetry, we are now exploring various other crafts and materials.

We work closely with the artisans in order to define the products. In this process, we would enhance the role of materials, craftsmanship and user’s demand. Our aim is to generate new concepts grounded in a particular context , including material and cultural aspects, and to offer valuable, sound options to the future users.



Leather puppetry artist Anjanappa Kanday
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